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Friday, January 29, 2016

Day of the Dinosaurs

Spent a quiet morning playing dinosaurs with my baby boy. There was a sauropod migration, an attack from the tyrannosaur family, and a retaliation from the stegosaurus clan.
I've been enjoying playing around with a lower ISO and shutter. It was before 8am so the sun was still low and warm. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Enjoying the sweetest moments {Fort Smith, AR Photographer}

As I patiently, and not so patiently wait for my third baby, much time has been spent observing my family. I have had the chance to photograph the everyday occurrences in my house and witness things I often overlooked or took for granted.


My sweet son has a deep love for two things. His daddy and his dinosaurs. On these cold days where we are stuck in the house he can often be found with his favorite friends in front of a window.

 My kids have made a habit of running into my bedroom around 6am in hopes their dad hasn't left for work yet so they can eat breakfast with him. They are usually successful. Daddy has magic powers that I don't. When I mix my daughters vitamin shake in the morning she tells me it taste like water. So I hand it to dad. Daddy gives it a shake and my daughter gushes about how wonderful it is. 

Father's day in 2011 when I was pregnant with Gracie, I struggled on what (and if) I needed to give the daddy-to-be a present. I eventually decided that I would buy him "The Spooky Old Tree." This was the one book he remembered from his childhood. His dad remarks that it was read to him OVER and OVER and OVER. Four years later it has become a favorite of our children. I have never taken the time to photograph story time. I watched in the hallway as "The Spooky Old Tree" was read (more recited by memory). Its just fun to think back to four years ago. I never imagined such a sweet scene.

While my son loves dinosaurs, my daughter loves dirt and "adventures." We usually take long walks through the woods,  but being a couple weeks from my due date the adventures are much less strenuous. She doesn't so much mind. She gets her miles in by climbing everything. This particular day she almost found her bouncing self face first in the creek.

I love that she is so adventurous but she scares me... She climbed about 7 feet up and got her gloves stuck, which meant it was dads turn to climb the tree.

This was my daughters favorite part of the walk. There is an area where the bank drops straight down (about 8 feet) into the water. Dad always lets the kids find the biggest fallen tree branch they can then he throws it in.

This particular day Daddy was using a walking stick to go up and down the bank by the creek. Daddy having a walking stick meant son needed a walking stick. After searching for half of our walk, we found the perfect stick. I spent the remainder of the walk laughing at my little Gandalf. While his sister and Dad ran ahead (per usual) I got to mosey with my little man.

Daddy makes bed time so much more fun than mommy... I usually chose a couple soothing stories, prayers, and kisses. Daddy chooses stories then wrestles. Nothing prepares these two for restful sleep like a wrestle match.

So back to dinosaurs. I have so much enjoyed the little still life's I find created by my son. This Tyrannosaurus disguised as a Tyrannosaurus especially tickled me. Well played Mr. T, no one will ever suspect a thing.

The most epic event that takes place in our home is bath time. Its a combination of wild imaginations and brawling between the two siblings. Usually my floor gets a daily mopping because of the splashes. 
Today my two had played in the yard (because Arkansas winter decided today it should be 60 degrees instead of 30). They came in armed with some dinosaur and animal toys that they claimed needed a bath. They did. Mud was a crucial part of todays backyard time.

I tried to follow the story line as best I could. Baby leopard was searching for her mom. The wise duck apparently knew mom leopards where abouts, but pachycephlosaurus was thwarting little leopards plans to find her. It got intense. 

I am thankful for these moments and thankful to finally be in the mindset to enjoy them. I feel like I have been missing so much during this pregnancy with not feeling well, having a couple preterm scares, and trying to prepare for baby 3. I am so excited to have these photographs now, and I know I will appreciate them so much more in the future. 

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