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Monday, May 23, 2016

Erin and Christopher's engagement session {Fort Smith AR Photographer}

How perfect are these two?
When Christopher first told us about Erin you could tell he was falling for her pretty hard. Soon, every weekend he was with her. If we were visiting with him during the week he was sneaking out early so he could talk to her. But who could blame him? 


When we finally got to meet Erin we loved her too. My husband and I were so happy Christopher had  found such a smart, funny, and beautiful woman. My kids absolutely loved her also. Now, almost daily, I am asked "When do we get to see Chriffofur and Ewin?"


It was really amusing watching Christopher in the months before he proposed. He designed Erin's ring. Re designed Erin's ring. Designed it again. Put together the best plan he could for surprising her during the proposal. Panicked when his plan wasn't working... All of it was hilarious. Obviously all his planning worked out because he got the girl.

The morning we did their engagement photos my children were begging to come. Once I told my oldest who I was photographing she ran to her room and grabbed her camera. We made the shoot a group affair. My kids were running through the creek, catching frogs, and bringing Erin dead fish, while my husband walked with the baby. 



The creek was very slippery. Before Christopher picked Erin up he was sliding. I was really thinking both of them were going to fall, but Christopher seemed confident in his balancing ability. 


I am so happy to know this couple. We look forward to the wedding, as well as, many Settlers of Catan battles! Wishing Erin and Christopher a life full of happiness together!


Fort Smith, Arkansas photographer specializing in newborn, children and family portraits. 

All images are copyrighted by Brittney Owens Photography 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Anderson Spring Session {Fort Smith AR Photographer}

I love photographing these two! These sisters are among my sweetest clients. I have so much fun each time I see them. They looked beautiful in white <3

Big sister makes me laugh. I love talking to her. The last time I photographed her she was very concerned that the clovers we walked through were poison ivy. This time she was worried about snakes. Fortunately there weren't any.

When photographing kids they usually wiggle, look around, talk, runaway etc. These two freeze. I had to laugh when I went through all the images before selecting the ones to edit. Miss H and Miss M were like little statues. The trees and grass were the only thing moving frame by frame.

When I was taking the girls individual images I bundled the other sister in my quilt. Miss H thought it was the greatest thing ever to be cocooned in a blanket in a field. 

I just can't get over how precious she is!

I LOVE seeing these two. Miss H made my day when she announced that it had been the best morning ever. Thank you so much to their parents for allowing me to photograph them again! I hope you enjoyed their images!

Fort Smith, Arkansas photographer specializing in newborn, children and family portraits. 

All images are copyrighted by Brittney Owens Photography