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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Goforth Wedding {Fort Smith, AR Photographer}

This was a special event for me to photograph. This was my first formal wedding. It was an exciting and scary first. Weddings are a whole different ballgame. You aren't photographing a situation that can be redone if an error occurs. You are documenting a day that this couple can never get back. 

There are so many sweet moments to be captured. I got to be a fly on the wall.

Having had my own wedding nine years ago I am able to realize that the only memories of my big day are what is recorded in the photographs. I barely slept the night before my ceremony. I was bouncing from hair, to makeup, to dressing. Finding my marriage license. Talking to out of town family. Everything is a blur. I didn't even remember what my own wedding cake looked like until flipping through albums recently with my daughter. What I have to trigger memories are the photographs taken by my photographer. 

Loved the cakes by Sweet Boutiques in Van Buren, AR.

I edited several hundred photo's for this special bride. Instead of filling this post with 
every photo I whittled it down to a handful of my favorites. 

I love these images of the bride. Originally she had hoped to have her wedding outside, but being June the heat and potential for rain kept her planning an indoor wedding. We did want to take advantage of the property. I love the way her white dress is contrasted by the rust of the barn and old car. There was actually a small rain shower that rolled in right after taking these images.


I very much enjoyed the venue: Weddings at the Bowery
The owner was so kind and attentive. The farm land surrounding it was beautiful.

One of the more amusing events was the garter removal. The DJ instructed the groom to dance for his brides approval. When he met her qualifications he could remove the garter. I was laughing so hard its fortunate I got clear images.

He did, eventually, receive the thumbs up

After the brief rain shower we had some wonderfully humid weather for a few family images.

All I had to do to get genuine laughing was to ask this family to look at each other. 

Some of my favorites are the Bride and Groom alone. We snuck out to the sunflower patch for a couple minutes. It was so fitting that the Brides bouquet was sunflowers. I am so happy to have been trusted with this couples day. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Fort Smith, Arkansas photographer specializing in newborn, children and family portraits. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Weiss Family {Fort Smith, AR photographer}

Photographing this family was such a treat. Their two babies were absolutely precious. I don't think its any secret that my favorite clients are little toddlers. Made my morning.

This little baby yawn made me smile

I love pulling aside mom and dad for a few alone images. 

This little one was so cute I couldn't handle it. When she hopped out of the car she enthusiastically says to me "Hi! Whats your name?! Look at my dress! Im so pretty!"
She was such a perfect little model. All smiles and so happy.

While her mommy and little sister took a short break we snuck in a few of her and daddy. 

She was doing so well during the session that I stole a couple extra images for fourth of July <3

I so loved working with this family! 

Fort Smith, Arkansas photographer specializing in newborn, children and family portraits.