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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas UN decorating {Fort Smith AR Photographer}

I have never felt guilty for removing Christmas decorations before, but my little man sure made me feel bad. Every ornament and nicknack I took down he was right behind me yelling "Hey! Hey! Hey!" His job all season has been to switch on the strands hanging from the mantle, tree, and entrance way. He took his job very seriously. It was the first thing he did every morning. I would wake up to his little face telling me, "Lights on, eat breakfast."


I didn't have much of a choice. I usually leave all the lights up until the Epiphany, but with my due date a month off I'm needing to take advantage of the nesting urge and get things clean now. I didn't take near as many Christmas photos of these two little one as I wanted either. Before removing all the decorations, last of which were in their bedroom, I took a few photos. 

Gracie was given her own camera for Christmas, which she had asked santa for. While I was taking pictures of her she told me, "I want to take pictures too!" She ran off and got her camera. She was telling her brother to smile and trying to pose him lol. She was so bossy that it gave insight to what I must sounds like.



I am lacking in photos of my little man without this dinosaur in them. When I try to get rid of it for some images Max made it bite me. Sooooo he stayed.

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season. Wishing a safe and happy New Year!

Brittney Owens Photography
Fort Smith, AR Photographer specializing in newborns, family, and children sessions

Monday, December 21, 2015

Haley's Mini Maternity Session {Fort Smith, AR Photographer}

I was so excited to have Haley referred to me, and am really looking forward to meeting her new baby when he arrives this spring. Haley came prepared for her session with this sweet pose idea, as well as, some adorable ways to include big brother in the shoot.



It was making me laugh because Haley was a little uncomfortable with having both boys standing behind me while she posed. She had the nervous giggles being watched but it made for some beautiful, genuine smiles.




Mom's outfit was complimented by the environment perfectly.

A little Before and After

I was so happy to photograph this maternity session and am looking forward to meeting this sweet baby! 


Brittney Owens Photography
Fort Smith, AR Photographer specializing in newborns, family, and children sessions

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Newborn Photography {Fort Smith, AR Photographer}

I greatly enjoyed photographing this sweet newborn. Her session was a combination of posed and lifestyle photography, which is always fun for me. Her parents had their own unique requests that were incorporated into the images. When trying to decide what props to bring I brought up a few different suggestions to Mom. Mom referred to her and her husband as "sci fi ish/geeky." I didn't have any science fiction type props but I decided to pack a stack of Dr. Suess books and popped the lenses out of my toddlers sun glasses. When I told Mom my idea we swapped out the Dr. Suess for some of her and Dad's favorites.


Dad had a fedora for both him and his daughter.


Before getting baby settled to take these images a funny moment happened. Mom was watching me pose baby and remarks, "She's about to have a hiccup fit." Sure enough, not even ten seconds after Mom said this, little girl starts hiccuping! We took an intermission. I was very excited to capture a little smile.

She was sleeping so peacefully I felt guilty moving her. She was so toasty next to the heater while the rest of us roasted. I also felt guilty because my hands are always ice cold, so I'm sure she was happy to have me not handling her.



Black & Whites

I always love incorporating the parents hands. You can really see how tiny baby is and it will be a fun reminder when she's grown up.


Family images 

I always love seeing the bond between a newborn and its parents. This sweet little girl, even though she was only two weeks old, followed her parents voices. Mom was positioned for some of our awake poses so that this sweet baby wouldn't strain away from my camera to find her.  These two images are a couple of my favorites because you can really see how focused baby is on her Mom and Dad.

 This image selected as a weekly fan favorite by The Snap Society

These were actually the first couple images I took during the session. The pose didn't last because baby decided she wasn't finished eating. I also don't like modeling while hungry.

Mom had a few heirlooms she wanted used during the session. This bonnet, shoes, and four post bed were her grandmother's.

Brittney Owens Photography
Fort Smith, AR Photographer specializing in newborns, family, and children sessions