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Monday, September 22, 2014

Lizzie and Joe

Lizzie and Joe! These two cuties have been married three years now. Lizzie was wanting some up to date images of the two of them together. I was so excited to take their photos. 

I had been wanting to use this location for a long time, but since most of my shoots include small children I have had to hold off. We had a beautiful, overcast morning. I made them walk all over the place so it was nice that it wasn't hot. Lizzie came with sweat rags just in case, though.


The editing process is one of my favorite parts. Its where I really get to be creative and put my mark on a session. Here is a before and after.

This shoot made me very aware of the special powers photographers have. How many people out their can tell a couple "Kiss" and they listen? Not many. I was laughing while editing because I kept making them hold a kiss for an uncomfortable amount of time so I could change perspectives.



I always love to include black and whites. These are some of my favorite B&Ws to date!



Lizzie had me laughing. In between shots she would come to Joe's aid, killing all the mosquitos that landed on him. True love. Or maybe she just wanted an excuse to smack him....never know.

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Kyndra's Session

Kyndra was the winner of a Facebook share contest I offered a couple months ago. She wanted to have a session dedicated to her son and two nephews.



Jude was very talkative. He also does not like spiders. Mom told me he had a traumatic encounter with a spider that morning. When we were on the bridge, each time I asked him to pose he would go "Oh! A spider web! A spider web!" and we would move to a spot with no webs. Haha!


Chase was the oldest of the cousins. He was very patient and helpful getting the other two to pose during the session.


Jackson is the youngest (2) and was a little camera shy. He preferred to hide from me and with his aunt. 
After many failed attempts at catching his photo, Jackson's aunt picked him up and sat him on the railing of the bridge. She held his waist and crouched down. Jackson repeatedly said in a quiet voice "I gonna fall... I gonna fall..."
His aunt reassured him, "I've got you."
Jackson continued "No... I gonna fall." 


Here is a straight out of the camera image compared to an edited image. 

I really love these images of the boys together. Chase and Jackson are brothers. In this shot Chase pretended he had a fishing pole so Jackson would be still for a photo of the two of them. I love the way it turned out!

Two cousins shot

The image of the three boys was the most difficult (and the funniest) one to get. Jackson was still very camera shy and we had to trick him into walking into the shot. Chase stood posed, we set up Jude in a spot, then Jackson's mom would say "Jackson! Go look at the snake brother has!" Jackson would run too look but so would Jude. Aunt and Mom would yell "No! No Jude! There isn't a snake! Look at the camera!" Haha! After multiple tries we got it!

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Gilham first birthday session

This session was, dare I say it, way to easy. Jase was so unbelievably relaxed in front of the camera. And as soon as his mom or dad spoke to him a big smile spread across his face.



This is one of those poster American families. Mom is a teacher, and Dad is a firefighter, EMT, and in school for nursing. Pretty awesome. 

This photo is capturing his baby supermodel face.

Cannot get enough of his blue eyes!


Here is a before and after comparison for this shoot. Left is a straight out of the camera and right is post edit. 

I don't think Melissa and Matthew were expecting me to ask them to take a few photos without Jase. They kind of giggled and look uncomfortable at first. I just think that it is so special for a husband and wife to have those images of just the two of them. I really love these photographs because the couple was laughing and has genuine happiness written all over their faces.




Now I always have to include black and whites. So here is my medley of B&W!



Thank you so much to the Gilham family for allowing me to photograph their son for his first birthday. You were all such a pleasure to work with!

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