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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Allison's Fall session

I was so happy when Allison messaged me for a session. We met 6 years ago when I first moved to Fort Smith, and worked together briefly. Back then I remember seeing pictures of little Zeke. It blew me away to see how grown up he was. The only way I can describe Zeke is, he is a perfect angel. If Allison ever were to write a parenting book, I would purchase it.

I was marveling at how several of these photos look like they were taken in Colorado. Arkansas is so so beautiful, especially in fall. 

Allison makes such a beautiful mom to be. Poor Zeke was being blinded by the reflections off the lake. They were a little intense. We had to pause for a few minutes before we could continue walking so he could refocus haha!


Love these shots. First family portraits of the three of them together!

We had some gorgeous, golden light to work with. Allison is looking beautiful at 31 weeks!


I asked Zeke to give me a smirk. He told me, "I don't know what that means." His momma goes, "Its the look you give me when you know you're about to be in trouble." Immediately, this was the face I got.

Every session deserves some Black and White photographs! 


This is one of my personal favorites.

Thank you so much to Allison for allowing me to photograph her growing family!

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Joe and Chuck

Joe purchased this session in support of the Sebastian County Humane Society ( Thank you so much to Joe for making a charitable contribution to Fort Smith's local shelter. All the fur babies appreciate your support! My own dog was adopted from the humane society here. He is a wonderful part of my family.

This handsome bull terrier is Chuck.

I was a little confused when Joe first walked in. He was carrying this 14 month old in his arms. He let me know, as soon as I put him down he will be gone. Another amusing tidbit with this session was that a very nosey hound was sniffing me and licking my face while I was photographing Joe and Chuck. Dogs don't come equipped with personal bubbles. As we speak, I am typing this blog post and my german shepherd is trying to sit in my lap.

My daughter and I made a walk through the humane society this afternoon while dropping of Joe's donation. There are so many beautiful animals waiting for a home. Thank you again to Joe!
I am going to continue to offer pet portrait sessions to benefit Fort Smith's, Sebastian County Humane Society. For booking information please email or visit
Fort Smith, Arkansas photographer specializing in newborn, children and family portraits. 

Needham fall mini session

I was so happy when Melissa asked me to take her family photos. I met Melissa and Jason a couple years ago when we were all youth group volunteers. I feel very lucky that we have gotten to be friends. Melissa was kind enough to let me practice newborn photography on Alivea when she was first born. Their fall mini was initially rained out, but it seems to have worked in our favor.  The trees started changing and we got some beautiful colors.

Grant was standing off to the side, getting Alivea's attention. It was so obvious that she loves her big brother.

I think its safe to say, this little peanut is going to be spoiled. She has the most adorable personality.

I think this may be my favorite photo of the session. When I was holding Alivea she made a lunge for her brother. Its always a good thing for a girl as adorable as she is to have a protective big brother.

One of her many expressions HAHA!

This is another one of my favorites. Alivea was having a blast. Its always wonderful to see a happy baby. You know that she is being so loved at home. I know I, and countless others, were elated when Melissa and Jason were blest with Alivea. Melissa was destined to be a mom.

Had to sneak in a couples shot!

I asked Dad and son to look at each other and smile for a shot. They did and about half a second later the burst into laughter. I guess gazing into each others eyes wasn't their thing! Still a very handsome photo.

Here is an example of my editing. Left is the SOOC image and right is the final edit.

Thank you to the Needham family for including me in your memories!

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Fort Smith, Arkansas photographer specializing in newborn, children and family portraits. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rainy day Macrophotography

Rain caused me to cancel my session today, so instead l walked through my yard in between showers. I love macrophotography. There are so many beautiful hidden treasures all around us. We just need to take the time to notice!
These first two images are unedited

There were snails everywhere

This image is also SOOC. 

My favorite one!