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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Maternity shoot with Mrs. Brittany

My sister in law, Brittany, is currently pregnant with her fourth baby (and due any day!!!!!). She never had photographs taken with her previous pregnancies so while we were visiting in Little Rock she asked if we could run out and do a quick shoot. It wasn't a particularly pleasant day. It was humid and drizzling. My camera had a plastic baggy wrapped around it! The original spot we wanted to visit for photos was flooded so we went to the Old Mill. We quickly walked through the site and took these. At the time of the shoot she was about 32weeks. Can't wait to meet my sweet niece. I asked my 3 year old daughter what she thought the new baby would look like and she tells me, "Probably blue eyes and pink hair." Brittany's husband responds "If the mail man has pink hair, youre in trouble."



Mr. L

This was such a fun shoot. I have never met a tiny person with such an adorable personality. He kept giving me these adorable smirks. He wasn't a huge fan of sitting in the basket, so when we set him inside, we put him on top of a stuffed lion. He kept looking at me, smiling, as if it were some game. Im going to have to remember this for the future! 

 I got such a workout with him. He ran, I ran. The goal was to run the opposite direction with hopes of heading him off to catch a photograph. He was so happy the whole time. 

One tricky thing about this shoot was the lighting. Because he was running most of the time I had less control over the sun. Also, huge clouds kept rolling through. One minute we had full 7pm sun, the next it was dark. My hand was getting a workout, focus, change shutter, preview photo, find running toddler, readjust shutter, focus, find running toddler. Happy note, l am getting a lot faster at making adjustments. It was sad though, although I caught some adorable sides of Mr. L, I also lost some due to a poorly set shutter speed. I am still very pleased with the photos and, for the most part, the required little editing. 

I was so thankful to be asked to photograph this handsome man. Im a sucker for little boys in overalls. Wonderful photo shoot. Wonderful family.






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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

McKenzie turns one

This pretty little girl is turning one. She was so adorable. What I love about these photos is what you can't see. Behind me was a daddy with elmo hanging from his hat and a mommy playing sesame street music! I love the lighting for this shoot. The sun was just starting to peak over the trees. But, being late July, it was already close to 90 degrees outside. We were all in a sweat. 

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Transcendence photo contest

Some other photographer friends wanted to have a friendly photo contest. The rules were, unedited photographs that fit the theme of Transcendence. I was thrilled that my top photo was selected as the winner. I have my gorgeous crape myrtles and the sunrise to thank!

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Lexi was the winner of one of my facebook contests for a free session. She chose to do a session with her boyfriend, and to also get a few family shots with her little brother to give to her parents. This was a 90 degree day and the boys weren't exactly thrilled to be at a photo shoot, but they all did great. They were also absolutely hilarious. The summer colors just made this shoot. The saturated color is beautiful. Some not so fun summery things were the ant hills we had to dodge to take these shots. Every photo set up was preceded by the statement "watch for ant hills." I think anyone who has encountered a fire ant can appreciate this. Congrats to Lexi for winning the contest! Hope to work with you and your family again in the future!

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Let him eat cake, Max turns one

My handsome son turned one and had his first experience with sugar. He is already delicious but I could really eat him up after this session. I have my husband to thank for giving him those gorgeous eyes. It was fun for me to use this blanket because it was my husbands when he was a baby. Love this little man.

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Back yard photo session

My children aren't exactly the easiest to photograph. I don't know if its because they ignore me when I have the camera or if its because I don't have a spotter to help. Never the less, I love taking their pictures. They are growing way to quickly. 
Just this morning I realized how clever my daughter was becoming. She was sitting on the German Shepherd...
Me: Grace, get off the dog
Gracie: Mom, hes my horse
Me: Oh my mistake
Gracie: Yea, but its ok, Momma...

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