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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winter Family Session: Jude is turning 5


This is the second time I have gotten to photograph Jude. The first was after his mom won a giveaway through Facebook. I was really excited to have another opportunity, and this time to photograph Kyndra and Chris as well. 



Kyndra requested incorporating railroad tracks because Jude loves trains. He was very intrigued with the tracks and really enjoyed checking them out. Jude was also extremely cautious. We were in a state park, with no moving trains, but he still remained very aware.


We let him play a few minutes before posing. I really love the shots of him just roaming around.



We had that warm evening light and some surprisingly warm weather for January.

I just turned around and these two were smooching! Just kidding. I asked them too. I love couples shots. Even when you have kids, its so nice to have those photos of just the two of you. It was very sweet. I could tell Kyndra wasn't too excited about posed camera kisses, but Chris kept whispering that he loved her and getting some wonderful, genuine smiles. 


I'm such a sucker for black and whites. I think this may be my favorite image. With it being the middle of winter the trees have that awesome spiderweb silhouette. 


Another reason I love photographing Jude is because he poses himself. This was pretty much him just being him. 

This one makes me happy lol

We kept dads hand hidden for most pictures. He had a broken hand and a neon cast. It didn't match the color palette too well lol. Thank you so much to Kyndra and Chris for having me out again. I always enjoy it. Happy early birthday, Jude!

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Baby P's six month session

My first comment on this session is P's Big brothers had awesome hair. I love getting to work with kids. Even though this was little brother's milestone session we had to sneak in some of the big guys. I got to listen to awesome comments about Mario, Trees stuck on top of cars, and hypothetical football games and field goals. Children are my favorite. 


Dad had to hold onto the chalk board to keep little man from flipping it. He thought props were the coolest thing ever. 

3 brothers

So this guy was pretty much the easiest baby to photograph. The only hang up we had was when mom got his feet stuck in his jeans. No one said wardrobe was easy. All mom had to do to provoke sweet smiles was peekaboo. 

We tried to free the 9 month shirt a few times but it didn't work lol. Baby P was definitely stretching the limits of the 6 month size. Dad remarked that he was trying to pull the 9 month size down because he knew it would fit better. 

This one made me laugh because it looks like he's really reading about all his accomplishments. 

Just chilling in a basket. No big deal.


I learned the tongue out was his signature look.


Baby super model


A huge thank you to Mom and Dad for allowing me to be a part of their baby's growth. You have beautiful children (and a really clean house!)

I always love the shots of baby in Mom and Dad's hands. Very handsome little boys. I'm sure they will bring their parents a little chaos and an avalanche of happiness

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