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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Baby B's 3 month session {Fort Smith AR Photographer}

I love when parents pick the "Grow with Me" package for their baby. It is such a special thing for me to watch these babies over a year grow and change. At 3 months baby B already had strong opinions about being taken away from her mom. She had grown so much, doubling her weight, since her newborn session. She was alert and curious. This little girl is clearly a huge blessing to her family. Thank you for letting me be her photographer!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Yoga photo shoot {Fort Smith AR Photographer}

Six months ago I was in a place of high stress and low confidence. I had a health scare that ended with me being genetically odd but healthy-ish (Thanks Mom and Dad!), we moved, I had hit a new level of busy with work,  was struggling to adjust to three kids, and I was exhausted from my baby waking two to three times a night. My husband signed me up to take classes at Seva Yoga in an attempt to help me transition back to sanity. I loved it. It gave me an hour each week of quiet. No phone. No kids. No emails. No work. I could just breath. It had been a long time since I last conceptually created images for myself, and in those moments I began creating a personal narrative. The owner of Seva posed for me. In this series of images I tried to display individual, self strength. That had been the one thing I personally overlooked in myself throughout the changes I experienced in 2016. God made me stronger than I knew. I hope you enjoy these images! Thank you, Taylor, for being the perfect model!

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