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Monday, October 6, 2014

Gordon family session

I was so excited to take photos for my best friend, Katie, and her family this weekend. Katie and Wade have a beautiful baby girl who is turning 3 today! Katie and I got to be pregnant together with our daughters. Its so crazy to think they are both 3! Maddie was so energetic and completely infatuated with the creek that we walked by. Before we started the session Katie asked me "Can you photoshop out spaghetti? We had an incident." lol


 I asked Katie and wade to kiss for this picture and Maddie kept 
stiff arming mom haha! She didn't approve of the public display of affection!

This is one of my favorites. Wade requested an Awkward Family Photos moment but I declined haha!

Daddys girl:

I think this was Maddies favorite part of the whole shoot. A couple of these tosses l was so nervous that l couldn't even snap a picture! I kept hearing Katie make gasping noises, but dad never missed!


 When Maddie was born she was a clone of her daddy, but the older she gets the more she looks like her mommy.

Couple shot:

 I always like to take photos of just the parents during a session. No matter how long you are together its always special to have those "just you two" images. Katie and Wade have been together for ten years and they have already experienced a lot together. Many years back, Wade was badly injured doing trick riding on his motorcycle. I remember how much worrying Katie did. One month after their wedding, Katie got pregnant with Maddie. They have also completely revamped their lifestyle. As a couple they have taken on a healthier lifestyle. First running 5ks, then 1/2 marathons and now they are registered for their first full marathon. Both parents wanted to be healthier to live fuller lives together. Katie has lost 130lbs with the support of her husband. Their marriage is a testament to how important communication, support, and encouragement are.

The adorable Birthday girl:

She's so beautiful! Love her crazy hair and sweet smile.

Here is an example of my editing process. Left is SOOC

Now here is my medley of B&W!!!!

Love this family!!!!

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