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Monday, September 15, 2014

Gilham first birthday session

This session was, dare I say it, way to easy. Jase was so unbelievably relaxed in front of the camera. And as soon as his mom or dad spoke to him a big smile spread across his face.



This is one of those poster American families. Mom is a teacher, and Dad is a firefighter, EMT, and in school for nursing. Pretty awesome. 

This photo is capturing his baby supermodel face.

Cannot get enough of his blue eyes!


Here is a before and after comparison for this shoot. Left is a straight out of the camera and right is post edit. 

I don't think Melissa and Matthew were expecting me to ask them to take a few photos without Jase. They kind of giggled and look uncomfortable at first. I just think that it is so special for a husband and wife to have those images of just the two of them. I really love these photographs because the couple was laughing and has genuine happiness written all over their faces.




Now I always have to include black and whites. So here is my medley of B&W!



Thank you so much to the Gilham family for allowing me to photograph their son for his first birthday. You were all such a pleasure to work with!

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