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Friday, December 11, 2015

Mud play in the yard {Fort Smith AR Photographer}

I'm not a huge fan of my children picking all the veggies in my garden and creating mud pizza's with them, but when life presents a photo opportunity.... make lemonade?

I sent my oldest in the backyard so I could sit on the couch. Her brother was napping and I needed a little quiet. My quota for hearing "MOM" had been far surpassed. From the window I could see her busily collecting, digging, and rushing back and forth. 

I went ahead and grabbed my camera. I always prefer she ask me before mud play begins, but instead of scolding I decided to record it. She was, after all, just doing one of the things I loved to do when I was little.

The babysitter had failed me. He actually started it by digging holes. Thats why I don't pay him.


So today tiny works of art were made. My daughter is happy. The shower washed away all the evidence. 

Brittney Owens Photography
Fort Smith, AR Photographer

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