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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mount Magazine State Park: Anniversary trip

When we got married 7 years ago we didn't have a lot of money to spend on an elaborate honeymoon so we chose to visit Mt Magazine. It was close to where we lived and we love the outdoors. We enjoyed it so much we had to celebrate our anniversary here this year. 

These first two photos are why I would recommend staying in the lodge at Mt Magazine. All rooms face into the valley. The way the fog and clouds settle it looks like your in a plane. I didn't use filters on these photos. It was so gorgeous here, there wasn't a need too. This is why I love Arkansas. 

We had rain our first day here so we packed all our hiking in to the second day. Six miles didn't do me any favors. I only packed CUTE shoes. Now my pinky toes are giant blisters. Worth the views though.

My Nikon became painfully heavy as the hike went on but I was so happy I decided to bring it. Even in December nature is so colorful.

The only man I would follow into "Bear Country." This was right after he did some fancy spin move and dropped his glasses in the dirt lol

Off we go to find Buckmans pool! There is a house and pool built in the 1920s (now dilapidated) a little off the trail. So we made this our first destination.

                                                            Had to take in all the nature!

These greens are so beautiful. SOOC.

We took a guided tour earlier that morning behind the brown springs picnic area. These berries tasted exactly like sweet tarts. I was a little skeptical to try them. Not a fan of berries in the woods.

Colorful forest floor

And off we go! This got a little steep and as I said, my shoes were cute, not functional. 

Grrrrrr he's cute. He took a photograph of me slipping down after him.

We found the pool! You could hear water running underneath it straight to the remains of the house.

Another picture attempt at Bears Hollow/Benefield loop

There was thick fog rolling in. It kept us from being able to see any of the waterfalls. Part of this trail goes along huge drop offs, that we were also unable to see. We tossed off rocks to hear how far down it was. Most rocks took ten seconds or longer to land. 

If he wasn't so adorable, I wouldn't have gone into the fog lol. 

Sunrise Rock wasn't too impressive with 10ft visibility. 

Even though the fog put a damper on seeing the drop offs and waterfalls, it was gorgeous.

He's standing on a ledge. Just take my word for it.

As we climbed higher you can see how the fog was filling the valley

Another attempt at a 7th anniversary shot.

That fog was soon amazing

Some grass. Also amazing, just on a tiny scale.

I chose not to join. Im not a fan of cliffs. He claims I said "Be careful" and "Back your self up before you fall to your death" way to many times.

I would recommend a visit to this park to anyone. FYI its cheaper in the winter! haha

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