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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Macrophotography {Fort Smith AR Photographer}

I was trying to take a photo of this eggplant flower. A spider was eating an ant right in the center, when my daughter came and poked the flower. She had no idea the spider was on it. Scared her half to death...the spider too. He dropped his lunch. 

I've really enjoyed shooting with my 50mm at a 1.8 as a way to relax. I love love love the bokeh it creates. Before I started doing portrait photography I practiced my focus and exposure this way. I don't use autofocus when shooting. Shooting flowers while the wind blew them with a f/1.8 helped me learn to steady myself. It is very difficult for me to shoot in focus unless I am kneeling, using one leg as a brace for my arm. Almost all my sessions, with exceptions of large family groups, are shot at a 1.8.

I've also learned that I like to shoot with my ISO around 100. I was taught by a friend that you can always add more light to an image but never take it away. My shutter was 1/2500. These images have the contrast slightly bumped, but are otherwise unedited or cropped.

I am looking forward to my weekend session. I am down to one session a week until caught up, then no longer booking until April. My growing baby belly is making life a little more difficult and I wear out easy. 

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