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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Nature Photography {Fort Smith AR Photographer}

Been working on editing some creek images of my babies. Haven't had the chance to put a full blog together of the images, but hopefully soon. 

One of my favorite things to photograph (outside my children) is the little bits of nature hiding everywhere. Before I took up photography I missed out on noticing all the little buds and pops of color. 

I used nature/macro photography as a way to learn my camera originally. I don't like to use auto focus when shooting. This gave me the chance to learn stability. I shoot almost everything at a 1.8 which lends a lot of room for blurry images. I learned to focus and move quickly by practicing on plants. The wind would move them and force me to adjust. For the past year all of my sessions for work have been a 1.8 and I have been so happy with the result. 

I hope to complete my blog post with the images of my kids soon. I hope you enjoyed the florals in the mean time!

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