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Monday, July 11, 2016

Third Birthday Session {Fort Smith, AR Photographer}

Its been two years since I last photographed this sweet girl, and now she's turning 3!



I was in love with Miss M's sweet little voice. We had some great conversation about flowers, Minnie Mouse, her doggy Bella... So precious. She came armed with her umbrella and Minnie outfits. 


I had asked her to pick a couple flowers. Its best to busy toddler hands during a session. She was very concerned, at first, that the flowers were dirty, but once I assured her they weren't we had to hang on to them for the rest of the shoot. I asked her what they smelled like. She told me "Yellow."



Looking for fish with Minnie. I asked her to check for fish. She took this job so seriously that we had a hard time pulling her away for more photos.


Still hanging on to the flowers haha!


Im always amused when a toddler doesn't want dirty feet. My children are tiny cave people, and I rarely see them clean. She needed to stand on the blanket to keep the dirt off.

To end, I wanted to take a couple with Mom.

Little girl is making this face because I accidentally let the white balloons float away. I was so happy to spend an evening with Miss M. She invited me to come play at her house and to meet her puppy's. I guess that means she liked me too <3

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