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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Session Preparations {Fort Smith AR Photographer}

Before choosing a photographer there are things to consider other than cost. I have broken down the way I conduct my sessions to help you make the best decision for you. I hope to work with you!

Review My Portfolio:
I love meeting new clients, but I may not be the best photographer for everyone. It is so important to spend time flipping through images from prior sessions, whether through Facebook, my website, or blog. Your final images will be similar to those previously shot. If my style isn't your favorite I am not your photographer, because in the end you won't be happy with the finished product. It is better to find the photographer you want even if it means waiting several months.

Family posing: 
Think about what style images you like. Do you want everyone looking at the camera? Candid? Then think about your family. If you have older children posed shots should be easily attainable. If you have toddlers or a baby this may not be realistic. Candid images of your family just being you may be the best goal. Toddlers, by no fault of their own, want to do what they want to do. I will always strive for what you want. Sometimes we distract them long enough to get the perfect image but sometimes it just doesn't happen with posed.

Body image & What will and will not be photoshopped:
We all have body image issues to some degree, however, it is my personal and artistic opinion that you should be celebrated as you are. I will NOT make anyone thinner. I will not alter you from who you are. If you have an acne flare or something similiar I will do my best to remove the issue. Acne or scratches are fleeting and not a permanent marker of you. Please, however, do not come with expectations of a Vogue magazine cover of having waists thinned and hair fluffed. You are you, and that you is amazing and should be celebrated.


Picking Time and Location:
There is a difference between A.M., noon, and P.M. images. Morning light is softer, Noon gives harsh shadows that require us to shoot indoors or in shade. P.M. images are darker but golden and dramatic. I never recommend a noon day shoot, BUT I do understand that when small children are involved that nap schedules need to be respected also. If it is your session day and the sun isn't shining, overcast gives a soft light which is my absolute favorite. Unfortunately I cannot control the weather and sometimes the desired sunset session will be overcast.



Noon in the shade:


I would suggest sticking to your normal style. If you have never worn red lipstick, now is not the best time to try it out. Never wore a headband? Don't start now. You will not recognize yourself and, more than likely, won't enjoy the images. Do not wear clothing with words or large logos. If pregnant, avoid horizontal stripes because they give the illusion of excessive width. I am always here to offer opinions on wardrobe. When planning outfits pick one-two colors to thread through out all the outfits. Don't be afraid of color. I have put together a board on Pinterest that can also be a help.


Newborn session:
Newborns, like toddlers, do what they want. In preparation for your session keep the house warm so the baby is comfortable. The ideal window is within the first 10 days of birth. Babies are sleepier during this time. Sometimes sessions can take up to 4 hours because baby won't settle. Do not panic if this happens. Do not panic if baby yells at me (or pees/poos on me). Avoid a pacifier that leaves marks on the baby's face, as well as tight socks. Ample time is given during the session to soothe the baby.

What is given at the end of a session: 
Upon completion of the shoot, 1-2 weeks following you will be given the option of digital download or disc. You will receive the best images (minimum of 20) at my discretion. If you dislike black and white images, please let me know. I edit based on what I think looks the best, but I will avoid black and whites if that is desired. Under no circumstances will I give all the images. Under no circumstances will I give the RAW files or unedited images. During a shoot images are sometimes blurry, the angle isn't desirable, etc. Also clients will hear the shutter go off multiple times per pose. A lot of the images will, thus, be duplicates. I only want images I edit to reflect me.

In the end the photographer is here to preserve your memories. Choosing the one right for you and your family is very important. I want you to have the best person working with you, even if its not me.

Thank you!

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