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Monday, August 1, 2016

Settling in: Personal Post

This has been such a wonderful, stressful, exciting, and heart wrenching month. My family said goodbye to our home of 7 years and moved to a beautiful house that is more fitting of our families needs. I immediately fell in love with our new home seconds from walking into the door. My husband makes fun of me because he said he could tell by the look on my face, before I said anything, that our hunt was over.

 All of us felt the pain of leaving our old home. My two oldest were excited to finally have their own rooms, but soon felt distressed about sleeping alone for the first time. I cried (more times than I'm willing to admit) thinking about the memories left in our old home. Remembering the frightened look on my husbands face when I showed him my positive pregnancy test in our bathroom. Thinking of going into labor twice in my bedroom, once in my kitchen. Recalling bringing each new life home to a diligently designed nursery filled with swamp animals and fish. 

Our move has brought some wonderful changes to or lives. We have fallen in love with the neighbors. We have so many wonderful families surrounding us and lots of new friends for our children.



We are looking forward to this new chapter, and we are thanking God for guiding us into this new place.

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