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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring family session {Fort Smith, AR Photographer}

When I was in college several professors would stress that no matter how busy you are time must always be made to explore new ideas and create just for you. Without trying new techniques your work never evolves. Your experiments don't even need to be successful, but you need to try anyway. I was a painting major then but it still holds true, and its true for all creative mediums. 

The few times Ive planned creative sessions for myself I always feel awkward. I basically walk up to people (or message through Facebook which is probably creepier) and ask if they will meet me in the woods haha! When I am painting its private and I didn't need to involve anyone else. I was very thankful when this family accepted my invite. 


The original plan for this session was to have the family wading in the creek. When we planned to meet it had been in the upper 70s. When the morning of the session came it was low 40s. Thats just Arkansas weather. 



These sweet babies were so perfect. Little brother had practiced his posing. Each time I set him up for a shot he proclaimed "Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese!" I was extremely impressed with him too. He was at a creek surrounded by perfect throwing rocks, but each time I wanted to take his picture he sprinted to his spot. My son would have told me "One more rock," about thirty times before finally stopping.

I probably could have kept the family out for over an hour. I loved the way they were dressed and the kids were so well behaved, it was just too cold. I am very thankful that they were such good sports even while walking through mud and shivering. 


I am very happy to be given this opportunity! Looking forward to scheduling my next creative shoot!

Fort Smith, Arkansas photographer specializing in newborn, children and family portraits. 
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